Studio for Sculptural Arts @Somernova

Somerville Open Studios

Join us on May 4th & 5th, 12 - 6 pm, for the 25th anniversary of Somerville Open Studios! There will be jewelry, sculpture, paintings, ornaments and photographs for sale, as well as snacks. We are still working on classes and other public ideas for the space. Come give us your thoughts! 24R Dane Street, basement/ground level, Somerville, MA. Contact us here.

Find classes and equipment available for rent. 

Collin Yip, of Somernova, Jocelyn Kasow and Ilana Krepchin at the grand opening.

Stained Glass set up

TIG Welding set up

Some completed stained glass Sculptures

Combining metal and stained glass

About us

SSA is a sculpture studio on the campus of Somernova run by two local artists. Stay tuned for classes and events in 2023. Open by appointment only. Located at 24R Dane Street, basement/ground level, Somerville, MA. Contact us here.

💥 Ilana Krepchin is a local sculptor and jeweler with a long history of community engagement, most recently as a current elected member of the Somerville School Committee. She has been a long time participant of Somerville Open Studios, and while a member of the Artisan’s Asylum, she actively helped with community outreach.

💥 Jocelyn Kasow is a painter and retired veterinarian. She has benefited greatly from local arts organizations and is eager to provide the same for other artists and community members. She and Ilana have collaborated successfully for many years on numerous community projects.

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